Imagine having someone in your corner challenging the status quo to make sure that your overall financial plan is on track…

Not just your income, not just your potential for losses, not just your investments, not just your retirement, not just your taxes, not just your estate. . . but having someone who looks at ALL of them collectively. 

[want to know what I do?]

My role is to gather all the pieces of your financial puzzle together under one unified plan.

Important  – My clients don’t settle for mediocrity… And neither do I! 

Essential Question: Would your financial strategy look different if all of the aspects above were in unison?

Based on my experiences, most financial professionals do not look at finances holistically. Instead, they tend to focus on their piece of the pie (i.e., accounting, investments, legal, etc.) while ignoring all of the other components.

[the result?]
The “left hand isn’t talking to the right hand!”


First off, they report to the CEO.

…And, that’s YOU, if we work together.

To sum it up, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE THAT THE OVERALL “Financial House” is in order… And that means that every piece of the Financial Puzzle HAS BEEN CONSIDERED.

But What Does That Mean?

It Means That Your
– Tax professional(s)
– Your Investment Professional(s)
– Your Legal Professional(s)

Which is rarely the case (unfortunately).

The Five Main Categories

If these are not working together, there are opportunities to improve.


If you’re like most Americans, taxes are most likely your largest expense… and based on historical data, the chances of taxes going up are probable.

When you think about your money; would you like it to be…
(1) tax-deferred?
(2) taxable?
(3) tax-exempt?

You have the choice!
And just so you know, even some of the wealthiest (and most sophisticated) people that I work with are surprised to find out that they are unknowingly & unnecessarily giving away money to the Internal Revenue Service that they don’t have to!


Whether it’s a potential market loss, transfer of wealth loss, loss from operational oversights, a tax loss or a lost opportunity… I want to help you minimize or eliminate them all (if you would like).

One conversation that I feel is important when it comes to LOSS, is related to the importance of avoiding losses all together whenever possible due to the ripple effect that they often cause.

It’s my belief that avoiding losses will have a larger impact on portfolio growth than solely focusing on growth!


Portfolio growth can be an illusion… My goal with each and every person that I work with is to demystify this potential illusion and help it make sense. Many of my clients are great at making money, but few understand how money really works once earned.

One very important conversation that I like to have is related to the ACTUAL RoR (rate of return) as opposed to the AVERAGE RoR… And which one most people tend to focus on (the wrong one). When this conversation begins to make sense, I know in my gut that I’m helping that person understand how money really works.


In my humble opinion, far too many hard working Americans are doing what they are “supposed to do”, yet aren’t able to live the life they worked so hard for in retirement.

Consider this simple statement…
“Where your money sits, is far more important than the Rate of Return”

Based on my experiences, even sophisticated high net-worth people don’t understand this simple truth…. let alone how to execute it. This singular statement changes lives once it’s understood!


Generational wealth is possible… I continue to see it happen day after day.

My goal is to empower people that aspire to leave a Generational Legacy, to achieve that goal! It’s not rocket science, but it does require the execution of a comprehensive strategic plan… A plan that requires having someone in your corner fighting for you and your plan so you can pave your own way and impact your future generations how you’d like!


JOHN DWYER is an eight-time recipient of Ohio National’s Inner Circle (top 1% of U.S. financial representatives), a five-time qualifier and a four-time recipient of the Executive Counsel of Honor, and was elected by his peers to serve as a current member of the Ohio National Field Advisory Board.

John also qualified for the 2017 GAMA Silver International Management Award, currently serves on the Field Advisory Board of Ohio National, was elected “40 Under 40” Prairie Business Magazine in 2015, and is a Master Mentor of both Circle of Wealth and The Breakaway League.

As the President and CEO of Solid Rock Financial Group, John leads the organization with incredible passion and vision. He is instrumental in setting the pace and tone of what’s truly possible through his dedication and commitment to advocate what he believes – not only for his own clients but also through the mentorship of financial professionals within Solid Rock and throughout the U.S. It is with his singular focus to help people understand how money really works that he has positioned Solid Rock as a consistently growing group of thriving individual practitioners located across North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, and Ohio.

My Story & My Family


Being born and raised in (the sometimes way too cold, but still beautiful) Bismarck, North Dakota has been great for me, my family, and my business!
My story might sound a bit cliche, but it’s true none-the-less!

My parents instilled timeless principles in us that I’m grateful for!
I have two sisters and one brother.
We grew up spending a lot of time at the ice rink.
My sisters were both in Figure Skating, and my brother and I played hockey.
I played hockey from 4 years old through college.
…And I even coached high school hockey for a few years in St. Paul, MN.

I married my high school sweetheart and
definitely “married up” (in case you’re wondering)!

We have three amazing children that keep us on our toes: two beautiful girls and one handsome boy sandwiched in the middle (just like I was).
In the summer we love spending time at the lake!
And in the winter, we’re at the rink!
Big Surprise!?
Our daughters are both figure skaters…
…And our son plays hockey!

My amazing wife and three beautiful children are grateful for each other, what we have, and the amazing people that we’re able to spend time with.

We’re proud to call Bismarck home!



This may come as a surprise, but most of my clients know what I’m doing with my money… and why!

For me, it’s important that I’m transparent with my clients!

I’d like to think that being skilled at my craft has fueled my success, but after working with hundreds of amazing clients, my willingness to be transparent is difficult to ignore.

The bond that I have with my clients is strong, and I can’t help but wonder if being transparent isn’t an essential piece of the puzzle.

Experience Life

We all hear it, and we even say it… But do we do anything about it? For many years, experiencing life was far too low on my priority list. Because of my genuine passion for what I do, I was focused on my work. But these days, I’ve gotten a lot better about getting away and experiencing life with my loved ones, all while still being able to do what I love within my business.

Give Back

Through the years, I’ve learned that GIVING BACK is essential to EXPERIENCING LIFE.
Here are a few of the organizations that we enjoy being involved with.


In January 2020, my wife (Maria) and I were presented with the 2019 Paul E. Martin Award and Next Markets Game Changer Award for our work in Haiti on the Lespwa Lavi Academy and Magic Soccer.

Receiving this award is an honor and privilege that neither of us imagined we’d experience. The truth is, as prestigious as the award is, we care far more about actually being able to help the kids, families, and community than receiving an award.

Our son became fast friends with Yesnul when we were in Haiti last. They were inseparable! When we left, Connor wanted to give his shiny new cleats to his new best bud!

Other Organizations We Are Proud To Be A Part Of




Final Thoughts

If you want to do what the masses do, we are most likely not a good fit.

If you want to have UnCommon Conversations about money; how it works and how you can maximize your potential…

Not to mention your spouse, loved ones and others that you’d like to positively impact…

We should probably have a quick conversation!
Each and every person that I talk to has different circumstances and aspirations that require individualized strategies…

Not to mention that I work with a wide variety people…

From young professionals that are just starting a family…

To successful professionals and business owners…

To real estate tycoons…

To politicians…

To couples who’ve worked hard their entire lives and want to be sure that they understand what retirement is going to look like!

Every single person is different… therefore, so is their strategy.

Here’s the deal!

Many of my clients don’t “NEED” me.

They’d be fine!

Most are far more “financially intelligent” than average!


Who wants to be GOOD, when there’s the opportunity to be GREAT?

Said another way…

Who wants to be doing WELL, when there’s the opportunity to create TRUE WEALTH?

Wealth that could last well beyond your years?


I’d Love To Get To Know You Better But I Understand That You May Want To Get To Know Me Better As Well!

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